Our development proposal for 1110, 1114, 1120, 1124 & 1126 Gladstone Road NW will fully restore, repurpose and municipally designate the Hillhurst Baptist Church and create one of the most unique and interesting urban public plazas in the city. 

Our vision is to save the Hillhurst Baptist Church - which is over 100 years old - and turn it into a landmark for the Sunnyside CTrain station. The remaining lands will be developed with two market-attainable buildings, offering a wide range of unit sizes and price points to appeal to a diverse group including first-time buyers, young couples, families, and downsizers, aligning with the vision of a Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

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    Why save this church?

    In 1907, Hillhurst was developing and the Louise bridge had just been completed. In 1908, the Morleyville Road Baptist Church - a small wooden building - was built. Reverend D.A. Gunn, the first pastor, presided over 31 charter members. Known as the Hillhurst Baptist Church, it is a good example of a modest frame Gothic Revival church, with a gabled roof, a corner entrance tower, and pointed windows reminiscent of the Gothic Style.

    The Hillhurst/Sunnyside ARP discusses the importance heritage preservation and the value it adds to the community. 

    "One of Calgary’s first communities, Hillhurst/Sunnyside is defined by its historic character and legacy of historic resources... A primary objective of the Hillhurst/Sunnyside ARP is to protect historic resources and their contribution to the distinctive character of the Hillhurst/Sunnyside area including Kensington Road NW and 10 Street NW streetscape."  - Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan

    Plainly said, this Church is a quirky building on a quirky site. Our proposal to restore and repurpose it, embodies the character that makes Hillhurst/Sunnyside such a desirable place to live, which is why we are using our best efforts to save it.

    For more information on the importance of the Hillhurst Baptist Church please contact:

    Clint Robertson
    Senior Heritage Planner, City Wide Policy
    City of Calgary

    Image courtesy of the Glenbow Archives NA-2922-13os

    Image courtesy of the Glenbow Archives NA-2922-13os


    *All renderings are are for illustration purposes only and do not represent a detailed design proposal for this development. 

    Project At A Glance


    Project Details

    The proposed development of 1110-1126 Gladstone Road NW will transform this triangular site, municipally designating the Hillhurst Baptist Church and transforming it into a unique piece of public art. A vibrant public plaza and a variety of market-attainable housing opportunities within a desirable inner-city neighbourhood will add considered density that will increase foot traffic to an important commercial area while being sensitive to neighbouring residents. In order to preserve the church this proposal will require an amendment to the ARP to allow for increased height and density on the adjoining parcel's to the west. 

    To support a parking relaxation this proposal considers he proximity to transit and grocery, and encourages alternative urban mobility options and promotes a car-free lifestyle. Reducing required parking will allow for increased affordability options by not forcing the cost of parking onto residents who do not need it and reduces the potential traffic strain caused by increased density.

    We have approached planning for this development in a holistic manner, cognizant of the location within a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area, and respecting the intentions of the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) - a document which outlines residential and commercial use for the area. 

    See details of our proposal below.

      About Battistella

      At Battistella Developments, we’re a team united by the idea that better buildings mean better lives for our residents and all Calgarians. We believe in Calgary's inner city, and we always have. For the past 30 years we’ve had the honour of developing landmark buildings across Calgary’s urban centre, all with one aim in mind - to help forge a vibrant city.

      The eclectic community of Hillhurst/Sunnyside holds a special place in Battistella’s history and in our hearts. In 2014, we were proud to launch PIXEL - a mid-rise residential building on 9A St NW, and in 2016 we followed this up with LIDO, a boutique building consisting of luxury homes and vibrant commercial spaces on 10th St and 2nd Ave NW. We are so invested in the success of the community that we continue to hold a considerable portfolio of property here - both commercial and residential.



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